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Communication is one of the most important aspects of any business. It is crucial that the solution businesses choose is reliable, affordable and tailored to their specific needs. With that in mind, we offer turn key solutions and services that perfectly blend with modern infrastructure. Additionally, our products adapt to the needs of all remote and mobile users, making communication that much easier across your entire business platform.


What We Can Do For You

  • Telephony as a service (cloud based hosted solutions)
  • On-premises phone service
  • Emergency Phone Service
  • Failover
  • Survivability
  • Multi-site integration

  • SIP integration
  • PST integration
  • PRI integration
  • Emergency Phone Service
  • Site-to-site toll bypass calling
  • Redundancy and survivability

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Why use SAR Technology Group for your business?

Customer Service

We understand how important it is for you to reach us. We have extended hours including Saturdays to make sure your business is supported.

No Downtime

If you are utilizing our hosted service there is virtually no downtime. If your office suffers loss of power or connectivity, users can utilize the mobile client included with every system and use their cell-data to make and receive calls and continue business as usual.

Easy of Access

Access your system and call data from anywhere and on any machine via a web browser.

Scale as You Go

The system can grow along side your business, thus letting you scale up or down as your needs change.

Unified Collaboration

Built-in UC features allow employees to be connected anywhere and anytime.

Better Cost Management

Hosting a phone system allows you to by-pass the upfront costs associated with purchasing actual equipment and allows you to manage and plan your spending better.

SAR Voice Systems

Onsite PBX Solutions

What works for one business will not always work for the next, which is why we offer three separate products to ensure we are able to meet any business need regardless of company size. Our turn-key communication solutions help us to cater to what business owners envision as their communication system, and partnering with different manufacturers allows us to meet those specific requirements regardless of the medium – SIP, PRI or PSTN lines.

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SAR Voice Systems

Hosted PBX Solutions

As businesses grow and evolve there is a great need for flexibility and that is one of the main features that we offer with our products. For example, if you wanted to upgrade or downgrade your plan, you should be able to do so freely; we make that possible and don’t ever charge you extra or hidden fees for sudden changes or deletions of any kind. Out hosted PBX solution removes the worry for businesses to maintain servers, purchase licenses or maintain the system. With fix per-seat cost business owners can plan and control their spending better without worrying about any long-term contracts. Our experts will help you select the perfect plan to fit your business needs.

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SAR Voice Systems

Voice On Demand

Our Voice on Demand service ensures that your business will continue to stay online and keep your customers and employees connected, even if there is an outage. Voice on Demand service is also great for businesses that may only need a short term communication solution. For example, construction companies who move sites often could simply just rent one of our systems for as short or long as they need it. This option is also great for private temporary offices that may only be in a certain location for a short while, but still need reliable and affordable business communication services.

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