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Communication is one of the most important aspects of any business. And, when talking about small to medium-sized businesses, they want a communication system that they can trust, and also one that they can afford that won’t take them outside of their budget. What we offer at SAR Voice Systems are affordable options for your business communication. Our services and products blend well with modern infrastructure, such as our PSTN, PRI, and VoIP line options. And, you’ll be happy to know that our products also adapt to the needs of all remote and mobile users, making communication that much easier across your business environment.


What Can We Do For You?

  • Traditional PSTN Lines
  • PRI trunks
  • VoIP trunks
  • Emergency Phone Service
  • Failover
  • Survivability
  • Site-to-Site calling

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Why get SAR Voice Systems for your business?

Customer Service

We understand how important is for you to reach us. We have extended hours including Saturdays to make sure your business is supported.

No Downtime

If you are utilizing our hosted service there is virtually no downtime. If your office suffers loss of power or connectivity, users can utilize the mobile client included with every system and use their cell-data to make and receive calls as you were in the office

Easy of Access

Access your system and call data from anywhere on any machine via web browser

Scale as You Go

The system can grow along side you. Letting you scale up or down as your business demand.

Unified Collaboration

Built-in UC features allow employees to be connected anywhere and anytime.

Better Cost Management

Hosting a system allows you to by-pass the upfront cost for a system and manage and plan your spending better.

SAR Voice Systems

Onsite PBX Solutions

Businesses come in different shapes and sizes and one size never fits all. For this reason we have partnered with three different phone system manufacturers to give us the opportunity to meet our client’s needs and demands. Each of the products we offer targets a different size business. We offer products designed for PSTN lines, PRIs or full VoIP integration.

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SAR Voice Systems

Hosted PBX Solutions

Our hosted PBX service provides the means for clients to bypass the cost associated with the installation and maintenance of an on-site phone system and uses our cloud based service. Our hosted PBX provides all the functionality and features a local system would. Calling plans and fees are designed based on the individual needs of each client and clients have the ability to upgrade or downgrade their plans without having to pay for any move, add, change, delete or cancelation fees.

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SAR Voice Systems

Voice On Demand

Our Voice on Demand service was created to accommodate a client’s emergency or short term installations. Clients who need temporary phone service, such as construction sites, temporary offices, etc. have the option to rent a complete phone system from us. We will provide the set up, temporary numbers and build a fully functional VoIP system. Service can be used to provide communications during provider outages and down time. Plans are designed based on each company’s needs and services.

Managed VOIP Services
SAR Voice Systems

Consulting Services

We provides consulting services for existing phone systems even if you did not purchase the system from us. We can evaluate and make recommendations based on your current infrastructure, isolate and eliminate existing problems, and provide training assistance to clients.

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