Features & Benefits

Fleet Safety and Asset Protection

By utilizing a forward only facing or forward and driver facing cameras, companies can vindicate drivers, lower accident costs and help improve fleet safety

Improve Safety

Through an intuitive solution for video-based reporting, real time audio coaching and driver score cards you can improve the safety of the fleet by identifying unsafe driver habits

Vindicate Drivers

Automatic video recording for harsh events and on-demand video retrieval helps vindicate drivers and avoid costly insurance claims

Affordable Solution

Utilizing a modern approach to wireless, video and cloud technology integration, easy to use web-based interface and a very affordable cost, companies can have a vital safety solution at a much lower cost of traditional cellular based systems


Dual facing HD Dash Cam

Record driver and forward-facing video
Build-In speaker for safety voice coaching
Infrared Driver Facing Camera


Forward Facing HD Dash Cam

Build-In speaker for safety voice coaching


Have an extra pair of eyes on the road to identify distracted driving, accidents and harsh events

Search through events and respond in a timely manner to accidents, near misses or complaints on the road via a web-based on-demand video retrieval


Identify problematic drivers with individualized safety scorecards and flag dangerous driving with an intuitive safety review system

Have the ability to identify at-fault situations better and avoid costly insurance claims

Identify distracted or drowsy driving with an inward-facing camera, including infrared for nighttime use


Flag dangerous driving for follow-up with an intuitive system for incident review


See what the driver sees via GPS and still images of the road ahead taken approximately every 2 minutes.


Provide in-cabin voice coaching to your drives by alerting them for speeding, seat belt not buckled or harsh events

Installs in Minutes

  • Simple mounting, complete installation in under 15 minutes
  • Plugs into your Samsara GPS-tracking gateway – no complex electrical wiring
  • Zero-configuration – no WiFi, storage systems, or other IT setup required
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