Electronic Logging Devices

Electronic Logging Devices

What We Can Do for Your ELD Needs

With the recent ELD Mandate many fleets are actively searching for an ELD provider that can service their needs best, keep the cost of the solution down and be able to integrate with their current business structure.


SAR Technology Group has been offering technology services to motor carriers for over five years and as a natural progression we have established partnerships with leading ELD vendors to add one more integral part of the technology suite for motor carriers.  We have evaluated multiple vendors and have set a list of criteria each vendor must meet in order to partner with us.  We have purchased equipment and performed in-house testing and talked to our current freight customers to determine what the core needs are and what they would like to see from their ELD solution.  We have taken in account cost, functionality, feature set, ease of installation, support, ease of use, automation and ease of integration with 3rd party software.


Below are some of the features we can offer through our partners:

Hours of Service

  • Hours of Service (HOS) – offers a detail report and live view of current HOS, including current and past violations
  • Unified Dashboard with all drivers’ HOS – allows the ability to see who is in violation, who is approaching violation and who is in compliance
  • List of unassigned HOS
  • List of drivers with violations
  • Driver HOS activity report
Commercial trucking ELD


  • IFTA reporting by state per vehicle
  • Fuel usage per vehicle – average MPG, fuel efficiency, fuel usage, wasted fuel

GPS and Activity Tracking

  • Live GPS with traffic and helicopter view
  • Per minute speed tracking with current speed and speed limit per location
  • Time on site statistics
GPS and Activity Tracking
Driver Scorecards and Safety

Driver Scorecards and Safety

  • Harsh braking tracking
  • Harsh turning tracking
  • Harsh acceleration tracing
  • Driver scorecards based on harsh events
  • Driver efficiency tracking based on fuel usage
  • Unified driver score cards


  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Unified Driver Vehicle Inspection Report – report is uploaded live in the dashboard as soon as the driver completes it. The inspection report includes photos taken by the driver and multiple pre-built maintenance categories
  • Shop maintenance log
  • Check engine light data – ability to not only see the check engine light being on, but also the exact code which it generated


  • Ability to send drivers real time pick-up and delivery information with dispatch instructions straight from the dashboard
  • Ability to create multi-stop dispatch instructions


  • Sensor battery low alerts
  • Speeding alerts
  • Idling alerts
  • Check Engine Light On
  • Vehicle Movement Alert
  • Geo-conferencing
  • GPS sensor unplugged
  • Battery Low Alert


  • List of reports that can be pulled on-demand or scheduled
    • Vehicle Activity Report
    • Fuel Usage Report
    • Vehicle Safety Report
    • Time On site report
    • IFTA Mileage report
    • Trip history report
    • Driver Ranking Report
    • Vehicle equipment report
    • Driver safety report
    • Driver activity report
    • HOS Violation Report

Additional Features and Products

  • Includes Internet data on AT&T 4G network and built-in Wi-Fi allowing fleets to connect their devices and not have to buy additional data plans
  • Trailer GPS
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Dashboard Cameras
  • Free Support
  • Free Training
  • IOS and Android Support
  • Device independent – choose your own device – phone or tablet


All of the above features are included in one low monthly cost.  There are no add-on modules, fees or extra charges.

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