Managed Wifi

Worry-free Cloud Managed Wif for your business needs.

Fully managed wireless LAN for your internal needs and your Guests.

Wireless is a utility


…just like electricity or water. It’s a fundamental requirement for every business to operate at its best. The problem is, few organizations have the skill set or time to support the ever changing needs to keep their wifi optimized. It’s both a financial and technical challenge for enterprises to keep up with this great demand.


This is where SAR Technology can help with a fully cloud managed Wifi. Regardless of the size of the office, remote location, warehouse or even a home office. We can satisfy your Wireless LAN needs. No setup fee, no installation fee just a fixed monthly fee that covers support, upgrades and full warranty.

Managed Wifi
Improve Security

Control employee and guest access, bandwidth control and limitations with multiple SSIDs and policies.

Exclusively Cloud Managed

No need to roll a truck to make configuration changes or access the local network. All cloud all the time ensures that no local management is necessary.

Cost Control

Control your cost with a predictable cost management at no extra cost for hardware replacement or maintenance.

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