Network Security

Cybercrime, cyber-attacks and malicious hacking attempts have become reality for businesses of all size driving business owners and decisions makers to strengthen their IT security posture and to implement better and more reliable tools to secure their infrastructure. In the past a simple firewall that either allowed or blocked traffic was an enough security tool for most. However, those days are long gone with attacks becoming increasingly more sophisticated. Hackers keep innovating their attack vectors, keep refining and improving their methods.


In order to face those challenges businesses are implementing what commonly is known as Next Generation Firewalls. Today’s firewalls can scan the incoming traffic for viruses, perform SSL inspection, block malicious URLs, control what application have access to the network, provide VPN connectivity and control access at much more granular scale than ever before.


SAR Technology Group has partnered with the leader in firewall technology. We have extensively tested multiple vendors and have narrowed our offering to the Fortinet suite of products. Fortinet has been a leader in the security field for many years and have won numerous 3rd party approvals, certifications and recognitions. The granularity of the product allows us to meet any customer demand and customize configurations to best suite customer needs.


With flexibility to choose between a buy option or a Next Generation Firewall As a Service option customers can benefit from this technology that best fits their business.

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