Managed LAN

Worry-free Cloud Managed LAN for your business needs.

Fully managed LAN infrastructure for your business needs.

As companies restructure their daily business operations more and more around technology, business owners are running into problems managing the new infrastructure. The problem is, few organizations have the skill set or time to support the ever changing needs to keep their local network optimized. It’s both a financial and technical challenge for enterprises to keep up with this great demand.

This is where SAR Technology can help with a fully cloud managed switches. The switching infrastructure we offer can scale from a small office just we few people to enterprise grade deployments. Customers can choose from 8 port to 48 port fully managed PoE gigabit switches with VLAN support and fiber uplinks.

Managed LAN
Exclusively Cloud Managed

With full could management capabilities changes can be done remotely and in real time eliminating costly technician visits.

Cost Control

Control your cost with a predictable cost management at no extra cost for hardware replacement or maintenance giving you the ability to better plan for IT costs and budgets.

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