Chicago VOIP Services


Onsite PBX Solutions

What works for one business will not always work for the next. This is because of the many varieties of businesses, but also because of the various sizes of these different organizations. That’s why we offer three separate products, so that we can adapt to a particular business’ unique wants and needs. Our PSTN lines, PRIs, and complete VoIP options help us to cater to what business owners envision as their communication system, and partnering with different manufacturers allows us to meet those specific desires.

Hosted PBX Solutions

Businesses want flexibility, which is one of the main features that we offer with our products. For example, if you wanted to upgrade or downgrade your plan, you should be able to do so freely. We make that possible, and don’t even charge you anything extra for spontaneous changes or deletions of any kind! Our Hosted PBX Solutions also give you the opportunity to take advantage of no cost maintenance or installation, being that we use a cloud-based service. And, we make sure that the calling plans you select fit your business’ needs precisely.


Voice On Demand

Voice on Demand is one of the most popular services we offer. One reason is because, inevitably, there will be an emergency from time to time. What’s great about Voice on Demand service is that you can continue to use it for business communication even when there are interruptions in service from your original provider and/or during any down times. Voice on Demand service is also good for our clients who may not really need communication services for a long period of time. For example, a business owner in construction (who’s construction site may only be there for a few months) could simply just rent one of our systems for as long as he or she may need it. This option is also great for private temporary offices that may only be in a certain location for a short while, but still need reliable, affordable business communication services.

Consulting Services

Let’s face it. All business owners just are not going to completely understand all of the ins-and-outs of their business communication systems. That’s why we offer our expert Consulting Services, so that they can get the answer to those complicated questions. We’ll even help you out if you have a phone system that’s giving you problems that you bought from somewhere else! On top of that, we’ll give you training assistance if you need it, and get rid of any current problems that you may be experiencing.

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