File and Folder Backup


Not a day goes by without another business suffering from ransomware or catastrophic data loss. As shift their operations more and more toward digital transformation the risks of losing the data have increased exponentially. For those and many other reasons it is essential for businesses to have a solid data backup plan in place. At SAR Technology Group we one of the world’s leaders in data backup, collaboration and business continuity in the world.

Managed VOIP Services
Unified File and Folder Backup
  • Secured Cloud backup meeting HIPPA and SOC2 compliancy guidelines
  • Desktop Client and Secured Web Portal to access your files
  • Automated Incremental backups to save bandwidth
  • Restore files with easy
  • Up to a year of data retention
  • Unlimited amount of data backup for a flat monthly cost
  • True support for mobile users
  • Control who has access to what files
  • HIPPA compliant
  • Outlook integration
  • Send large files via email with few clicks
Business Continuity
  • Minimized server downtown to minutes and not hours
  • Ture disaster recovery with minimal or no impact on business operations
  • Protect from Ransomware with smart restore
  • Protect the business from hardware failure
  • Eliminate downtime in face or a disaster with cloud backup and cloud server virtualization
  • Manage compliance
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