Email Security

What is email security

Email security is just one of a proactive collection of measures that SAR Technology Group will implement within your organization’s systems to secure its sensitive content stored within emails, or communications via email. This will prevent access, loss or compromising of confidential information from malicious content.

Due to the popularity of email as an attack medium, it is critical that enterprises and individuals properly implement measures to secure their email accounts against this common form of attack.


Why email security is crucial:

Email attacks are one of the fastest growing criminal activities in the world. Every company uses email, and likely every company holds or exchanges sensitive content within their email, therefore making it the highly targeted attack vector that it is. And because email has been one of the greatest advancements in modern communication for organizations, people heading these companies often don’t realize or understand the potential threat email can pose on their company, threats that can result in irreparable damage. SAR Technology Group will make the crippling fear of a breach of your sensitive data and information disappear.

Email cyber attacks are not only growing in numbers, but also now more sophisticated and intelligent than ever. It can not only affect the person who fell victim to the attack, but it can then affect everyone in the organization, causing a great deal of loss: loss of money, loss of jobs, loss of sensitive data and content, identity theft or worse, a company closing.


Threats posed on companies through email have greatly evolved from what once were simply spam or cyber-bombs, which caused just a brief disruption in business operations, to now more detrimental malware and phishing attacks. There are many deceptive tactics attackers may use to breach a company’s security. Attackers may email members of an organization using deceptive messages, causing them to divulge private information, or members may be tricked in to simply clicking a hyperlink or attachment, instantly infecting a victim’s device and possibly leaving the entire organization compromised. SAR Technology Group is here to stop an attack before it happens.

Fortinet’s Fortimail

At SAR Technology, we take email security very seriously, and have seen first hand the havoc email security breaches can wreak on companies who aren’t utilizing proper email security techniques. That’s why we use only the most advanced email security platform offered. Fortinet’s Fortimail is the complete secure email gateway platform we use for all our client’s crucial email security. Using a large bundle of top-rated security capabilities, Fortimail utilizes the latest security advancements providing a single solution to the protection of any size organization from both large inbound attacks, as well as outbound threats.


The advanced capabilities of Fortimail’s outbound securities are second to none. It provides comprehensive coverage, effectively acting as antimalware, antiphishing, antispam, sandboxing, data loss prevention, identity based encryption (IBE), and message archiving. Fortimail’s outbound inspection and filtering technology greatly prevents your company’s loss of confidential information, as well as protects your company and users from being blacklisted all while maintaining compliance with specific regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, and more.


Not only are their outbound coverage capabilities exceptional, FortiMail’s inbound security filtering intelligence will effectively block malware and spam before it’s even given the chance to clog your network or compromise your users and systems.

Why we choose Fortimail for the email security of our clients

Fortimail maintains advanced performance using the latest software and hardware architecture. Fortinet’s Fortimail has received many awards and high rankings in third-party testing for the exceptional level of security it provides. These awards include thirty seven consecutive VBSpam Platinum awards, 40 VB100 awards, including high marks in their Reactive and Proactive (RAP) testing, AV Comparatives Advanced+ designation for Antiphishing and NSS Labs Recommendation for BreachDetection.

Fortimail also comes in a wide variety of customizable selections suitable to fit any size company with any performance requirements. Plus, unparalleled flexibility in customizability modes and form factors means it is perfect for any size organization or for any individual.

At SAR Technology Group, your security is of an utmost importance to us, and we know that communication is the most important aspect of any business, email communication being at the top. Therefore, it is crucial that the solution business that your company chooses is reliable and tailored to your specific needs.

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